We aim to see a partnership with various institutions including:

1. Banks and Financial Institutions (BFIs): BFIs are crucial for any startup entrepreneur as they ensure access to finance which is a key to any startup. Hence, FONSAS plans to partner with BFIs, as they have the right knowledge and experience, to introduce programs that can promote startups and SMEs and support them grow in the right direction. We also realize the importance of financial institutions like cooperatives to encourage SMEs in Nepal- hence, we specifically want to work with them and strengthen the SMEs started/promoted by cooperatives and push them to newer heights.

2. Business Schools: FONSAS believes that business students’ have greater scope and chances of venturing into entrepreneurship. Considering this, they need the right kind of grooming and guidance that can prepare them, beyond books, and make them ready to enter the ‘business world’. Thus, we plan to work with the business schools, conduct workshops and interactive sessions for students and prepare our probable future entrepreneurs for their upcoming ventures.

3. Corporate Houses: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important aspect of the corporate sector now. Big corporations are obliged to dedicate a certain amount of fund to be invested in the social sector. This fund is supposed to be invested in a non-profit way for the betterment of various social elements. Contributing to the growth of SMEs and supporting entrepreneurs is also an element of it, and this is where FONSAS places its focus on. Thus, FONSAS works with these organizations with the objective to support SMEs with financial as well as other resources. We seek collaboration with all these corporations in creating a better environment for startups and SMEs in Nepal. The sharing of resources (financial and other) available to well-established organizations can compliment startups and SMEs to find a better ground to grow and sustain. FONSAS hence aims to address this process and be a bridge between startups and the potential opportunities.